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Default Re: How to with ThreeBlessingsBowtique

Originally Posted by tyeeshawebb View Post
Thanks for the update. But personally, if she is online on IM (which I am sure is her contact with you, or even email) I'm not sure I understand why she cant log in to update the people in her group buys. She ordered UB last Monday and I split ribbon with her. I have not heard anything at all from her since I paid for my portion of the order. I sent her a PM, but she hasnt logged in any. I just think that if she is only and has been in control of all of these peoples money, she needs to be punctual and updat. JMO.
Just FYI, I did update my group buys on Fri saying that HP would be here on Tues AND that Marabou I am waiting on a del con.

Also, I contacted you on Sat via your paypal email saying that it was here and I would get you your shipping total today.

Also, I do CALL Sarah on the phone too.
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