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Default Re: What to use wood burner on?

Originally Posted by brezzamagoo View Post
We don't have anything like a Hobby Lobby or Michaels over in Aus. We have two big craft store chains, Spotlight and Lindcraft but even both of them are reasonbly crappy. lol
Oh no, sorry I didn't realize you were in Australia! I use picture frame glass atm, I don't want to buy a huge table top piece of glass and have to move it in 6 weeks.

Great tip about the tape and mug! I'm scared of my woodburner lol. And I have had it slip off the table more than once, I felt chilled to the bone I was so freaked out! I'm getting better, but knowing the cord won't be pulling it down would make me feel more at ease. And the coffee mug to rest it in too. Thanks for sharing!
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