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Default Re: I did it....I just bought the funky loopy instructions

Originally Posted by bowsbymomma View Post
I broke down and bought them too, I like the fact that they are very detailed. I made a couple with what I had on hand, I'd love to know how to make them and attach to alligator clilps though!
I do NOT have these instuctions. I use a "wrapping method" (wire or thread) on a french clip. I used "craft sticks" (popsicle sticks) to attach to alligator clips.... i.e.: attached the ribbon to the wood, attached the wood to the clip, then lined the clip. They were pretty, but always too heavy to stay in place (I only tried felt, velcro, and shelf liner for gripping). Looking back, something more flexible would've been MUCH easier; but I'm sure you know that whatever you wrap the ribbon to has to be pretty sturdy, too.

I hope this made some sort of sense. Let us know if you come up with an idea for making them on alligator clips. Good luck!
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