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Default Re: Adobe Watermark Layer Style Settings

OK let me see if I can explain this ...

I have elements 6.0.... the way you make a watermark with it is correct everything you want to correct in your picture...

then use the FONT tool... make your store name where you want to in the photo....use BLACK

next in the upper tool bar there is the color box for what color your text is... next to it there is a STYLE box click the drop down arrow...then click the right flyout menu...SELECT bevels

pick the bevel you like... then go back up to the style box do the same thing again... then choose drop shadows... choose the style you like

over in your pallette box choose your opacity and drop the opacity to where you like it ... as far as visibility or darkness...

flatten you image or merge layers

if you need pictures as a step by step process let me know I can probly make one that makes sense
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