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Default Re: Friends & fees???

Originally Posted by AdriannasMommy View Post
That is so true. I never realized how much work & detail went into each bow. Since I'm a perfectionist its worse! But I think I like the idea of 75%. I would charge by the hour but since I'm still a little new at making bows for other ppl it takes me a good while to create one bow. So I'd have no clue how to charge by the hour, however that is something for me to think about.

Not wanting to get into the personal side of this but this same customer offered to make my daughter's birthday cake for free as long as I provided the ingredients. Since I didn't want her to do it for NOTHING I exchanged her with some flip flops & a bow. I even wrote a reciept out so that she would know that I was giving her something back in return for the work she had done for me. I guess after its all said & done I am trying to be cautious as to what will be said about how I conduct my business.

With that being said, do you ladies think it would be wise to tell her "for future orders I will give a 25% discount from the normal price of the bow, but this time I will give a 50% discount since I wasn't sure how to charge." Or something in that nature?
I don't really think you can reduce the discount once it is already been established. My advice, if you want to give a discount, stick with 25%, you are spending time making the bows and you want it to be worth your while.
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