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Default Re: Sore throat after ribbon burning

[quote=sarahg;66051]Hi All
I was just wondering if anyone else got a sore scratchy throat after burning a lot of ribbon ends. I always feel like I have just smoked a pack of cigarettes, and Im beginning to wonder if it is dangerous? [/quote]

no offense...but.....
YES!!! the gasses/smoke that are released by burning the ends of the ribbon are HAZARDOUS in large quantities... You must seal your ribbon in a well ventelated room preferably with a fan to move the air... DO NOT breathe the fumes directly or it will damage your lungs and leave you vulnerable to things like Lung Cancer an COPD later in life.

The ribbon that we generally use day to day are made from Polyester, Nylon, and Rayon blends... these materials are PLASTICS.
If you think about it would you take a plastic coke bottle and light it on fire an use it as incense? Noooooo.... use common sense and open a window, turn on a fan, and dont breathe the stuff in/work away from your face
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