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Default Re: Questions on Korkers

1. I haven't tried any other ribbon apart from 3/8 but I am thinking the wider ribbon may not work as well just because the curls would be longer and not as defined as the small width??

2. I just put my korkers on the desk to 'store' them. I really shouldn't because they take up so much room. I pretty much make all my korkers to order to I generally don't need to store them for long. If you have backing cards you could stand them up on those in a box or something.

3. I sew my korkers by getting X number of 'korks' and then thread each piece of through the middle of the piece, or guestimated anyway. When I have the right amount I push it down onto the double knot and thread the needle back down through the middle. When making the knot in the thread before starting make sure you leave a tail which is about 2" long just so you can use that and the left over thread to tie a knot at the bottom of the korker.
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