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Originally Posted by MsGeorgia View Post
How does everybody use the woodburning tool when cutting korkers? I tried it once, but the curls kept getting in the way and it was hard to keep the correct measurement for each kork. What technique or method do ya'll use?

You do have to separate the curls a little bit with your fingers. I use the slant blade that's on the woodburner and one semi quick stroke and it's cut and sealed at the same time. Takes a little bit getting used to though. I remember when I first started I would get gobs of funk on the tip but keep at it, maybe trying on just some scrap ribbon to get used to the motion. You'll ask yourself later why it took you so long to use a woodburner. I can cut and seal so much ribbon in a sort amount of time. I remember the days and I would cut with scissors and then use a lighter. I think I was crazy at the time since the woodburner is so much easier.
I use it to cut ribbon to size for lining my clips, so much quicker! You'll find many uses for it!
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