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Default Re: Idea for Bridal Shower

Originally Posted by Two Little Monkeys View Post
My best friend got married a few years ago & her aunt e-mailed the bridesmaids, close relatives & in-laws, and hostess of the tea months in advance asking for their favorite recipes & photos of you & the bride or groom. She put them all together in order in a 3-ring leather binder & used a ribbon as a marker. It was too cute!!!! Just an idea
That is lovely, I just found out that I am included in the 3 aunts, oh and I am the only one in So. Cal let alone the same city, oh and its in 5 weeks. So I wish I could do that it really sounds lovely, but I think I will never get all that info from others, oh and kinda I'm the only one in their family that cooks..... hmm starting to sound a little fishy to me what do you think? No actually I think the other aunts can cook but they aren't in town and all are busy and puctuality is far down the list of their talents.

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