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Default Re: Website Critique

Originally Posted by Kashmir*Moon View Post
Rene you know I love everything you do but as a customer I would have only one problem with your site... and this is primarily for bows. Everything I click on gives me a description but no picture. Create at least one sample with a picture for every category you have listed. If I'm looking for cheer bows, I at least want to see one you've done before I order.

You can auction off the samples on eBay

smoochies babe, you are wonderful!
I got you Jen! I plan on having pictures for everything, I'm just not there yet. Do you think that I should deactivate the page until I am able to get the product made and put on there?
BTW I am having trouble with your link on my site it gives me an error message. Will you send me another to my email so that I can try to fix it?
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