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Default Re: Korker Ends When Using a Woodburning Tool...

Originally Posted by mytwogirls View Post
Yes, it happens to me on the light colored ribbons too. I keep a metal nail file handy when I cut mine. When the ribbon starts turning brown, I take the nail file and file the gunk off the tip. Curious to see how other people do it. Also, I usually try and cut all the dark colors at the same time, and light ones, etc. I think it happens more if you go from cutting a dark piece to a light piece.

When you say you file the gunk off the tip... Do you mean off the tip of the woodburning tool? What do you do if the ribbon has already been burned on the ends? I've been trimming the edges of the korker curls that have brown on them and then using a lighter to reseal, but this takes FOREVER!
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