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Default Re: Double Sided Tape Questions

Originally Posted by devilicious View Post
I use specialty brand tape. Not sure if I like it as much as sealah which I started out using. I recently have found some of my older lined clips coming apart in the center - much to my horror! I can't tell which tape they were lined with though. Anyhow, I used to only use the hot glue in the pinch and the end. Now what I do is reinforce the middle section with it as well. I put the tape on the ribbon as normal, then when I position the ribbon on the underside of the top prong, I do a quick squiggle of glue and when I press it against the bottom, it squishes through the hole in the middle of the prong (I use single). Then I quickly press down the ribbon on top so it gets hot glue on it while it is still hot. I smooth it down and there are no lumps. It makes me feel better knowing that there is some (not a lot) hot glue reinforcing the ribbon on the top prong of the clip. I hope this made sense! I will try to get pics of this process if any one wants.
That makes perfect sense. So does the tape help to prevent hot glue lumps?
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