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Default Re: Double Sided Tape Questions

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
I've been a bit skittish about using double sided tape. Some of you gals love it, and some of you say that it comes apart too easily. I really want to be able to just line a simple clippy with some of the cute 3/8 grosgrain that I have without the lumps.

So my questions are:
Would double sided tape work better if I used hot glue at the start and finish of the ends of the ribbon? If I put a bit of hot glue on the ribbon, lined the underside, used tape on the top side only, hot glue inside & on the underside of the pinch part, would it still be smooth?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience & wisdom here
If I understand your question correctly, you'd like to use tape on the clip part and then use glue on the pincher and the back, right? (Sorry long day already!) If so, then yes, it'll still look really great because you'll have no lumps or bumps on the top. HTH!

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