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Default Re: How is this done?

Originally Posted by cupcakecutie View Post
I can only speak from my own experience, but when I made mine by hand, or with no template, your (red) bow is what mine looked like. Then when I started making them with a template they looked more like the black/white bow. I don't know if you or they use a template, but that was what happened to me. Hope it helps! BTW I like your bow better anyway (I just bought templates because I was having trouble keeping my loops even with some styles).
Yes ma'am. I use NBNG templates and for the same reason. I tried before and they looked terrible. LOL The loops were so uneven and I kept wasting ribbon with making bad bows and have noticed that as I keep using them and practicing they are getting better and better. Now my only trouble is the mini twisted but have come a long way since I first started almost 2 yrs ago.

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