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Default Re: Sharing the tutu I made recently

Originally Posted by AdriannasMommy View Post
That is gorgeous! I love the color combo & the ribbon accents.. & especially the headpiece!!

I think pink, brown, pink, brown look fine but using pink, pink, brown, brown would probably give it a fuller look, I usually double up on the colors as well.

I have a ?, how did you attach the large bow onto the tutu? I have trouble getting mine to look nice & finished. I thought about just attaching it to an alligator clip then clipping it on the tutu but not sure. How do you all do this? thanks in advance!
Sorry I didn't respond, I didn't see your post. Next time i will double up on the colors. As for the bow, OMG, that gave me so much trouble! I redid it like six times before I got it to where I wanted it. It's actually just tied on and I twisted it and got it to lay right.
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