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Default Re: Website Critique

Originally Posted by auntbanana View Post
Your site is beautiful. I agree with Littlecanofbeans on the frames. Do you sew all of those dresses? Wow!

I just sat and watches your slide show.....makes me so excited that I have a new grandbaby on the way! Sure hope it's a girl! But I think I can spoil either.


It's kind of a mix at the moment. The vast majority that you see on the site I do make. The onsie that says wiggle giggle coo and the gingham three piece outfit, bloomers, babydoll dress with leggings and boys boxers are all blanks that I buy to monogram on. I started off buying blank a-line dresses also, but they are limited on the colors and sizes, so I have started making those as well. I will be making a-line dresses, pillowcase-style dresses, capris, rompers from now on. I am going to custom make these so that I have control over the sizes and fabrics so that if someone orders something I don't have to worry about it being available. I can just custom make it. Oh...the overalls I buy and then embellish with different fabrics and such.
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