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Default Water and Glue?

Has anyone else ever had this happen...

One of my friends bought some of my clippies and said that her 2 yo took them in the bath and now the ribbon has come off and the clips are rusted.

I use a quick drying fabric glue so I don't know why the ribbon should have come off the clip unless the 2yo got it wet and then decided to pull the ribbon off??

Plus this must have only happened recently as she only just told me today and I wouldn't think the clips would rust that quickly. Seems a bit strange.

Hot glue just doesn't work for me and I was using my E6000 at the beginning but I found it didn't adhere to the ribbon as well as this glue that I am using. I do know if you pick at the clips long enough yes they will come apart but I wouldn't expect it to come off after being wet.
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