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Angry bottlecap images - printing problems?

I really wanted to start making bottlecaps, I bought Amanda's (awesome) tutorial and made some really cute ones as well as got some from you ladies, I sent them to Walgreens (like many of you do) and they wouldn't sale them to me. The manager said they were all copyrighted images and he couldn't let me buy them - I understand that, rules are rules BUT he wouldn't let me buy the ones that were MY own original artwork (cupcakes, lady bugs, flowers, monograms, ABC sets) made in Paint/Gimp/Illustrator. I was SOOOO MAD!!!

Has anyone else had a problem with this? Where can I get them printed? Should I order other prints when I do my bottlecap images - in hopes that they "get lost" in the shuffle and they don't notice them? I am really upset!
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