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Default Re: Help Using 2.4" Ribbon with templates

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
I do mine by hand, what size in inches are you looking to make with the 2.25" ribbon? looks like maybe a 7" bow?

For an 6" Twisted boutique cut ribbon 42 inches long. Make a mark at 3", then make a mark every 9 inches. If you want it bigger increase your marks by .5 or 1" increments. The example picture has a really long tail so you'd probably want a 5" tail for that side.

Here's Michelle's link on folding by hand.
Yes, it's about a 7 inch bow, and I have those instructions that I bought with my Rib N Raps templates. Unfortunately, I am a total spaz when I try to do those. I just need to find or make a template for these. The Rib N Raps would be perfect if they were just a few inches wider. And my BBM templates are great too just not big enough. Thanks so much for your help though, maybe one day I can lose the templates.
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