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Default Re: Help with alligator clips!! Where does everyone buy them?

Originally Posted by lauralevi View Post
i used to use sally's but i found in my last several trips that the tension was god awful, and the clips themselves were very flimsy. so, i've sworn off sally's. i just started ordering from pollywogbow too, and just finished off my first bag of her clips. they are very strong, the tension is great, i'm so much happier, and no more trucking around to see if sally's is in stock or not. you can order from her single or double alligator post on the group buy board.
I went to Sally's in my area today and all they had were the 12 count packs. I got one just to check them out. They were HORRIBLE! After a few pinched they would not even close all the way they just stuck open. Yes and very lightweight, did not like them at all!
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