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Default Re: Tulle for Tutu Bow Holder

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I can make the bodice part well, but I am still not happy with the tutu. I am still a little confused as to how you do the tulle. Do you tie layers of strips together? And also how do you make it so even on the bottom?
I hot glue mine on, I don't tie it. I fold it accordion style like you would a paper fan, and then smoosh it down, but you have to give the glue a few seconds to cool down because it is incredibly hot. I then push it down so all the layers are being held down by the glue, although I usually end up sort of tapping it because it's still hot

And to get it even, I first wrap it around a spare piece of foam core I had cut to the right length, and then cut one end so I have 24" strips that are all the same, and double them over so I'm gluing 12" strips lengthwise, does that make sense? I just line it all up as closely as possible, and trim the ends if there are any stragglers.

I have been considering making a video tutorial but I know how new I am to all of this so wasn't sure if anyone would want one from me (free though for the same reason!).

Hope I've helped and not made you more confused!
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