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Default Re: Man I swear someone is trying to kill me

Hey Allison, Fran here, and I feel bad for you, but a teeny tiny part of me is kind of relieved that I am not the only one out there. This move just about did me in--my very first day here I locked my keys in my car at the post office when I was signing up for our new box, cellphone doesn't work here and DH is still in Denver. I had to hike about half a mile up a road to the State Police office to have them call a lock smith to come 45 miles to unlock my car. 2 hours later and 75 bucks broker I finally get to head back down the mountain drive 3 hours back to Denver to pack up another load to do it all over again. Sometimes life just sucks and we get through it and go on.
You have all the best wishes I could send to you, but I know you are strong and will persevere through this! Hugs from me!!
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