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Default Re: Those who wanted my printing ribbon method

Originally Posted by allstarcheergirl View Post
Does it say you can't use the printers that roll the paper? I got the original PM instructions and was anxious to try it. I didn't even treat the ribbon, just stuck it to the paper and printed on my HP that rolls the paper. I knew how to load it so it prints correctly since it flips the paper. It worked fine, but sometimes if the ribbon isn't firmly attached to the paper, it would jam.
For those of you who completely followed the instructions, can anyone try it without treating the ribbon at all and see if there is a difference?
I wonder what the purpose of treating the ribbon is?? I would think you would want a nice, clean fabric to dye without anything to interfere with the adherence of the dye to the fiber, KWIM? And the heat sets the dye.
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