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Default Re: Tulle for Tutu Bow Holder

Originally Posted by Aeonix View Post
I sort of winged it after looking at some. I used foam core for the bodice shape, and for my template I googled leotard, found one I liked the look of and freehanded a template based on that.

I used one full roll of 6" tulle on mine, and used a 12" piece of foam core to wrap around it so it would be the exact size I wanted. I also folded the tulle accordion style so it would be more fluffy. And when I was making it I noticed that on the edges it was looking a little flat, but I wanted it to have a more rounded look, so I used three strips on each edge, sort of wrapping it around the edge, if that makes sense. I am going to be making my dd one very soon and can take pics if you'd like.

Heres the one I made for my niece:
I can make the bodice part well, but I am still not happy with the tutu. I am still a little confused as to how you do the tulle. Do you tie layers of strips together? And also how do you make it so even on the bottom?
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