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Originally Posted by MomtoGBandH View Post
I sent an email a while back to RABOM because some of the striped ribbon I got was stretched weird and didn't lay flat. It was also really flimsy. Here is the reply I got
With the way the manufacturer makes the stripe ribbon there are slight variations in the texture each time. Unfortunately this is a process that we canít control, so we canít guarantee an exact likeness with each lot of ribbon. Thanks again for your concern, and have a wonderful day!
Which striped ribbon did you buy from them? It could be from The Ribbon Factory which is a very different type of texture than the regular solid grosgrain.

As for RABOM black - I haven't ordered 3/8 from them lately. I usually do 100 yard spools from Schiff. Black in general is very stiff. I actually have some of the gray that's really stiff but it's 1/5". I use it for cheer bows so I don't mind the stiffness. The lighter the color a lot of times the softer, mind you not always.
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