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Default Still new to this Please help

I am still new to everything and I am trying really hard to make it work. I was wondering where you lovely ladies buy your flowers for your hair clips? Do you buy them made or make them yourself? Which is the cheapest site you have found to buy flowers for hair clips?

I have been stuck on 81 fans for a while now I have tried improving pictures started taking pics outside, had my daughter model some items (don't have her face in the pics, because worried about online. Other moms should I be worried?)

Here is my link, maybe you have other suggestions! I have been doing no fray, heat seling everything, spray adhesive on appliques for shirts, and everything not trying to cut corners. I even have great reviews from people I have sold too:

I have asked some already fans to suggest the page and the number for almost 2 months has stayed at 81 I am losing hope.
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