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Default Those who wanted my printing ribbon method

I have found pms to be a PITB!!! So instead what I am gonna do is a step by step tutorial with pictures. I will try to do it today and upload it on my blog. If not today will have it up by tomorrow at the latest. Please bare with me as at the moment my air isn't working and today's high is 100
and the repair man will not be here to 3:30 at the soonest so it will get extremely hot in here before it even comes close to getting fixed. As soon as I get it done I will post a link.

Ok sorry about the wait every one. But I have it on my blog now and my air is fixed
Any one that already tried my method I would love to hear how it worked for you, and even see pics.

To answer a few questions that I have gotten

This is printed directly on to the ribbon. I did not use transfer paper.

The picture of the bow with skulls is the ribbon I printed. Not bought.

My printer is an inkjet cannon printer. I got it a Walmart with ink included for around 30.00 (its sad that 2 new ink cartridges cost more than a new printer with ink included so needless to say I have a few empty printers laying around lol)

Thanks again for all your wonderful comments, and I hope my tutorial will be easy to understand. Its been a couple of years since I have made a tut.

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