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Default Re: Cheer bow instructions please

Originally Posted by dadonahoe View Post
I also just purchased the NBNG instructions. Can't wait to try them out. If you ladies don't mind me asking on this post. Is there more than 1 style of cheer bows. I mean are the ones they wear for games the same style they would wear for competitions
There are a few different styles of cheer bows. While I have been able to figure out how they're made, I don't believe the NBNG instructions have them. However, I am sure there are other tutorials out there.

You can make the standard shape/size bow with the NBNG instructions. Some people make bows with the tails that hang out to the side which are quite cute for lower ponytails. Also, some people use korker ribbon to make pom bows for their girls. And then there are streamers which also look great for games.

I find that most older girls prefer a standard cheer bow for all occasions. The younger ones tend to like just about anything that makes them look like a cheerleader.

Barbara is correct in the use of sequins or other fabrics. I really only would recommend them for competitions. While they probably would hold up for an entire season if properly cared for, they are just a little more fragile than a plain or layered grosgrain bow.

For competition bows, I am a big believer in experimenting with different fabrics. You never know what you can dream up. The more original your teams can look, the better. You should check out some of the main cheer bow websites out there like Power Bows ( or Yella Ribbon ( They have some beautiful bows which I am sure will inspire you.
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