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Default Website Critique

Okay, I need some cyber friends to step up and offer input, good or bad. I have been changing a few things on my site, such as my logo and background color and would like feedback. I posted this here because my pictures have always been a thorn in my side! This site is not complete (I don't know if it ever will be)

Back to the pictures....Do you think the frames are distracting? I can not for the life of me make things appear to float (I might add that littlecanofbeans has great pictures-I have just been on your site ...jealous of the pix).

If anyone can offer specific advice on how to do this and what editing program to use and exactly what to do while using the program, I would be forever greatful. I currently have Microsoft Digital imaging and PSPxI, if anyone knows how to achieve this using either of these and am willing to share...I'm your student. I have read and read and read and just do not get good pictures.

Thanks for letting me vent
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