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I can kinda see that, they can't control how the ribbon is made they just sell it once it comes in, it's the manufacture who makes it that way...but on the other hand they could see that it isn't up to standards and "pull it off the shelf" and have it out of stock until they get better quality ribbon in.

It's like saying we got kufis from somewhere, a customer of ours complains about it, and blames the bad quality on wasn't us who made the hat, it was the manufacture. But if we put one out to sell that's falling apart, that's our bad because we knew it was falling apart when we were selling it.

It can go both ways if you ask me. Just find it odd that it's mainly just the 3/8'' black. I got the 5/8'' black too and it's nice and soft. Like what made that size and color go wrong?
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