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Default Re: i new at all this just have a couple of questions

Originally Posted by lovebeingamummy View Post
i heat seal my ribbon with a lighter but my poor thumb is getting sore from flicking other than a wood burner or fray check what can i use.

how do you display you clips to sell i was thinking of putting them on a clip holder but not all are going to fit do you have a template for a card to put them on that i can make

is there a particular style of pony O i think you call them do you put your bows etc on like do they have to be the thicker ones without metal joiners etc

and last but not least what is a cheer bow and is there a free tut on how to make them and i can't see a photo

thanks in advance for your help

p.s. i'm from australia and love this site
Hi There! I found a really cool lighter at one of the local gas stations that has a button instead and it doesnt hurt your fingers or rub them raw. It was cheaper than a bic and you can refill it with butane. One of my great "cheap" buys! LOL!

I also print out my own display cards and business cards. I use different sizes, but the one I use the most is a 4x4 for my larger bows, but also have 3x3 for small and tiny bows or smaller flower clips. I just used Photoshop to make each size that I needed and then opened an 8.5 x 11 document and pasted the 4x4 image onto it as many times as I could!

As far as the pony-o's. I use the ones that do not have the metal part in the middle. I sew my bow onto the pony-o so if you used the kind with the metal you couldnt do that. Also I was afraid it might rust or something onto the bow! I just buy the Goody brand that comes in all kinds of colors. Sometimes you can actually find that brand at the Dollar Tree (not sure if you have that over in Austrailia)!

Hope this helps!
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