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Default Re: headband card questions

Just got picked up for wholesaling to a store and am having to work this out too because I was using clear tape (I know gross and ugly but didn't know what else to do for my shows). Here's what I was thinking...some of this came from what I read other girls on here were doing.

****PLEASE give me feedback/comments and let me know what you think before I go and order a ton of supplies to do it!

Vista Print postcard turned portrait view.
FOE - lay headband on the card and pull each side back (do not open the headband and slide on the card). Take a skinny, small 3/4 inch zip tie and loop it through the two ends. I am thinking that the plastic will keep the ends nice and not gather them. The heavier, larger flowers seem to bend forward with time and ruin the card. I am thinking about punching a hold in the center and clipping the flower to the card (just above the FOE). This may even help to show people that the flower comes off?

Crochet- I only use larger flowers w/ an alligator clip so I use the clip to help secure it. I am going to punch the center. Open up the flower headband and put onto card. Use the flower clip to help secure the front of the crochet headband so that it won't bend forward. Neatly gather and fold the crochet in the back and use a small 3inch clear zip tie to securely hold it. I was using pins but the store owner didn't want them used for obvious reasons.

Let me know what u think!
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