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Default Re: Need cheer bow help

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
Using a hair dryer to soften the center before creasing was really helpful for me. what I want to know is, how the heck is it possible to sew these? I see people saying they sew their cheer bows. I was busting off needles and finally gave in and followed a friend's suggestion (she has made TONS of cheer bows for years) to use a very, very narrow zip tie.
When "sewing" my bows I tend to use an embroidery needle and crochet thread. The layered one can be difficult to get through, but I place the needle in the marks on the ribbon and push the needle through using a hard surface and down force.

I hope that makes some sense. Also, I do not weave my needle in an out to make an accordian fold. I fold by hand using the needle as my center point.
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