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Default Butterfly Hip Girl Clips Instruction

* This is the instruction for top view butterfly.
** The butterfly wing is a basic hair bow with 2 larger loops and 2 smaller loops.
Click Here to view basic bow folding technique. Technique a) is for butterfly wing.
Click here to see how to make antenna.
1. 1/4" ribbon, cut 12.5", measure 2" from one end and fold 2. Fold again as shown. So 2 big loops 3.5" each, 2 small loops 2.5" each, plus 0.25" ease on both ends. Use the creases as guideline when folding the bow.
3. Begin from the big loop, fold as shown. Use fabric-tac to glue everyloop while folding (apply glue on where alligator clip points)
5.adjust if needed so size of the loops are same
7. Back view
8. Done
9. Glue attenna to the wing

10. Cut korker (3/8" ribbon wrapped on 1/4" dowel) as shown. 11. If you unwrap the korker in step 10, it looks like this.
12. Apply hot glue on line alligator clip, glue the wing to the clip.
13. Apply hot glue on center of the butterfly (on green ribbon in image 9), place korker on it, use the tip of the eimbroidery scissors to press the korker (from inside) to the wing. Done!

*** Do not have 1/4" grosgrain ribbon? Click here to purchase.


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