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Default Re: BBM twisted template help

Originally Posted by LPLKaryn View Post
Poor girl! I hope it gets better soon. I have UC.

What a nice surprise from your mom!

Did you order from the website/etsy/zibbet?
If you want me to run a card through my merchant acct you can call me or email karyn at littlepinkladybug dot com

I can run MC or Visa. Let me know if you are still having problems!
She is alittle trooper,she will tell you right quick that God make her this way until he says this is how she will stay.She 8 and starts the 5th grade in early september(homeschooled) she has the gastroparsis along with massive food allergies and asthma and ecezma. But She loves her bows.I was on the website. Ill try esty see if I can get through that way
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