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Default Re: BBM twisted template help

Originally Posted by cheerstarztinymom View Post
Ive been trying for abou 3 hrs to get PP to let me pay for the ultimate pkg and the surring loop pack it saying the addy isnt confirmed and I need to add a new card,which I did and it still want let us pay.I say us because my mom was trying to surprise me!!!! I need something to keep me busy when Im up with my 8yr old all night.Her gastroparsis isin a full blown active hurricane. She cant eat without screamin in..she could eat jello but this week even that makes her tummy ache.
Poor girl! I hope it gets better soon. I have UC.

What a nice surprise from your mom!

Did you order from the website/etsy/zibbet?
If you want me to run a card through my merchant acct you can call me or email karyn at littlepinkladybug dot com

I can run MC or Visa. Let me know if you are still having problems!
Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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