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Default Re: BBM twisted template help

Hi Michelle!

I answered your pm, but I thought I'd post here in case others had the same question!
I just copied the pm I sent you.


Hi Michelle,

Thanks for pointing that out.

You are correct that the knot from the top will end up in the front if you place the X side up in a Gatorbite. It is not wrong to place the ll side up, I just found that the final shaping came easier to the testers when it was creased x side up. Whichever results you like better are totally fine.

I do one of three things myself, which I didn't realize weren't in the book.

1 - Once I tie the first loop, I pull the thin ribbon to the back and tie the final knot on the back.


2. I tie both the first and double knot with the thin ribbon on the X side, and cover them with a larger finishing knot.

3. If the ribbon is a satin, sometimes you can do step 2 and then twist the knot to the back.

I hope this helps, but I will edit the book for future printings.

Thank you so much for your input! I hope this helps!
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