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Default BBM twisted template help

I have been struggling with the templates this afternoon. But I think I may have figured out my confusion, but want to check with the forum as it may help others.

I am fine with the folding and stitching. I then went to the Gator Bite method of creasing and tying. This is where I think my (and others who have posted) trouble begins. If you look at the picture and directions, it says to have the bow with the x side on top. If you put your thin ribbon like it looks in the last pic (pg 43), you are going around the back (under the bow) and tying off on the front (x) side which leaves the knot on the front. I am guessing that the ribbon should go around the front and tie in back. you go around the back (under the bow), then crisscross once in front and THEN tie off in back (parallel side).

Does this make sense?

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