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Default What size plastic headband for 1.5" ribbon?

I saw some cute headbands at Osh Kosh this weekend. They were made with 7/8 polka dot moonstitch ribbon. grrrrr. But they were just "sleeves" made from two pieces of 7/8 grosgrain sewn together and slid onto a plastic headband. I was wanting to try and make some. I think for 7/8 ribbon that the 3/4 inch headbands would probably work. I was wanting to try them with 1.5" ribbon too, but wasn't sure what size headband to get or where the best place is to get them. I saw 1.5" plastic headband on RABOM, but I didn't know if they would be too wide for the ribbon. The next size down that I found was 1". I have some 1" and they are way too skinny for the 1.5" ribbon. Does anyone make a plastic headband that is in between 1" and 1.5"? Any suggestions?
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