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Default Re: Ribbon length??

Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post
I highly reccomend the No Bow No Go templates. She has extremely detailed instructions with LOTS of great tips included and LOTS of pictures. Her templates are super easy to use. She also has a chart of what size ribbon works best with what size bow and gives the length of ribbon to make the bows. AND my personal favorite part of her instructions is she gives you a picture of all the sizes of the bows with diffrent widths of ribbon and templates. So this way you can look and see what you want your bow to look like and find out what size ribbon, how much ribbon and what template to use. I LOVE THEM!
The NBNG templates are the next investment I'm going to make. I make mine all by hand right now but I'm willing to spend the money for someone else to do the hard work and figure out all the length formulas for me. I sat down and attempted this one day with my homemade templates and figured out I rather spend the money.
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