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Sorry you are going through this. I was diagnosed with I was 16. I remember being upset and happy at the same time. It was nice to finally know there actually was something wrong and it wasn't just all in my head. This was 16 years ago now and a lot of doctors at that time didn't believe me and didn't believe about fibro. either. I had numerous other health problems and surgeries in my early teens which led to the fibro.

I have tried medication, vitamins, certain foods, diets, exercises, massages, physio and more over the years. I currently find the best thing to do is try to eat fairly healthy and try to stay stress free (ha ha). I have been a lot worse the last few weeks due to stress which causes a lot more pain, headaches and other symptoms. If all possible I would personally avoid medication. It messes with your mind and causes other side effects. The best thing for me to be honest was pregnancy and now breastfeeding. It is the best I have felt in years. I went through stages when I was younger and I couldn't get out of bed. Now, I cope fairly well. I normally don't tell people I have fibro. either as I have found people treat you differently.

Take care and there are a lot of support groups around if you or your family are looking for information on how to cope. If you want to talk send me a message.
I will be thinking of you.
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