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Default Re: Backpack and Map (Dora the Explorer)

Great job! Gabriella would love those!!

Originally Posted by rramirez331 View Post
I got a special request to make Dora for a little girl who is turning 1 next month. I didn't realize how big she (the sculpture) was actually going to be until she was finished. The mom likes to put the little girl's hair in pig tails and Dora is much too big for pig tails on a little one. So I had to improvise. I decided to attempt Backpack and Map. After searching and searching with no luck for a tutorial, I had no choice but to use my imagination. I still have to add a swirly thing on top of Map so that he looks rolled up instead of flat like a popsicle. LOL... Any ideas on how to accomplish that? I was thinking of using a fabric stiffener on some thin strips of ribbon (kinda like the bug antenna) and shaping it to look like "@" but without the "a"... Hope that makes sense... LOL

I'd love to get some feedback on any other ideas. TIA!
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