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Default Re: How do I attach the bow to a flip flop?

I didn't realize how basic these were until I looked back. I figured out a way to attach the bow better. There is another post on flip-flops. Go to search and type in flip-flop and all the threads and post will come up. But here is what I have, they are from hobby lobby.

Ribbon Embellished Flip Flops


E6000 glue
Clothes pins
Ribbon of choice
Bow for center

Wrap the “thong” part of your flip flops with ribbon, being sure to overlap the ends securely, and use the E6000 glue to secure as you go. Use the clothes pins so that it holds, as E6000 does not bond instantly. Hot glue will work but may not hold as well as the E6000 as they shoes get worn.
Then add your favorite bow to the top of the toe area, securing tightly with a ribbon “knot” center or center design of your choice, and be sure to put a spot of glue between bow and top of toe area. You may also add a center embellishment such as a flower or button. You may glue ric-rack or matching ribbon along the side edge of the flip flop if desired. The possibilities are endless!!
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