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Default Re: Cheer Bows??

Hrm...$4.95 for a bow that has 4 layers? You really get what you pay for in that case. There's no way even with a discount that I'd make a 4 layer bow for that low. Even if you want to get your name out there. I've seen bows from catalogs and places like this from my squads. They are thin floppy ribbon, sent with fraying edges and horrible pony-o's that break.

What's her wait time on getting the bows from that site? A minimum order of 6 isn't that bad. If your friend really wants that bow I'd have to say let her order it for that price. If she's truly your friend then you need to talk to her about the bows, and explain quality. Make the bow and then you can give them a discount. For that style of bow without the sequins I would charge at least $10 a piece, I charge $10 for my solid color triple layer. You will have a lot of time in them.

So let your friend pay $10/bow and if you want to give them a discount. If she doesn't go for it, let her order the bows and when they fall apart before the end of the season then you can make her the same bows.

Too harsh? Good luck to you!
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