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Default Re: Pearl Headband HELP

Well, ladies, I have finished my first pearl headbands!!! The first one took me a while, since I have NEVER even wrapped a headband! The second one didn't take me that long. I think I undercharged her too, because she wanted a price before I had even attempted them. I quoted her $10 each. I think I should have charged at least $15.00???

So, here is what I did.

I wrapped a 1" headband with 7/8" satin ribbon.
Then, I used a needle to thread some clear thread specifially used with pearls. I knotted the thread on the underside of the headband.
Next, I strung tons of pearls onto the thread and began wrapping them around to the top of the band in 3's. I had to use a really long piece of thread. (The first time I tried it, I had to tie it off b/c I ran out of the thread. SO, use A LOT!)
After I got around to the endpoint of the band where I wanted to stop, I tied it off again on the underside of the band. THen I got another long thread and started running it through the pearl rows (up one row, then back down the row next to it. I kept doing this to the end of the band and then did it again going back the other way. That way, all the rows are secure to each other now too, and not just to the band. HOPE THAT MAKES SENSE!)
Next, I lined the underside of the band with velvet ribbon to cover all the areas where I tied off the thread and to also make it nonslip and more compfortable.

So, here is the end result. Let me know what you all think and if you have any suggestions to make it easier or better! I could use any time saving tips!
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