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Default Re: Her work is amazing!!!

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, they pay a lot! My cousin said she goes to a few kids boutiques to look and she said basic solid boutique bows sell for $10 and the over the top bows are anywhere from $20 and up!
She does buy the blingy shirts for her little one and admits to paying upwards of $30-$40 for T-shirts but won't buy bows. I'll have to ask her how they hold up to washing.

I've purchased a couple of sweatshirts and Ts through work with the rhinestones and the rhinestones seem to fall off after a few washings even though I hand wash them and hang to dry. I do have one that has stood up to the washings and hasn't lost a stone but it was from a different vendor. I think it is all in the quality of the stone and how they are applied. I am sure there are machines out there that can be used to do it on a larger scale.
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