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Default Re: My Princess Modeling

Thank you. He is one spoiled little boy, only boy of all the dogs. I also had a blue merle girl with beautiful blue eyes I had to have put down in Feb (we both still miss her sooo much but he'll so no..he likes being an only dog) that was a year younger than him. Both of them are very tiny Shelties...only about 12" and 10 pounds...I love them all but especially the tiny ones. Right now he is VERY mad at me. He had a bath today and I bushed a TON of undercoat off of him...took forever...but he looks soooo good. He thinks he doesn't have to look "pretty" 'cause he's a boy. LOL

Originally Posted by clovertine View Post
Thank you! They are very bossy little things! I had to hunt far & wide to find a red & white one, and she came with a redheaded temper! I can just imagine what'd be like to have a Papillon in a house of Shelties, oy! Your baby is very cute, btw. I always think so when I see your profie pic around here! I love Shelties, they're so darn cute.
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