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Default Re: My Princess Modeling

Thank you all!
Originally Posted by yorkiemom View Post
Christine, she is precious! I love paps, when I go to show they always show right before the yorkies, I love how they prance in the ring! Love her bows! I know the feeling of having no girls in the house to dress up! I love the tutu! You know what would look cute bows on her collar if she wears one or on her harness when you walk with her!!! You would laugh if you saw all the doggie dresses and shirts we have in the house

Thanks, Cindy! I was thinking about you when I uploaded her pictures. I have a few bows for her collar (I have to make them pretty big or all her crazy hair covers it up) and they are really cute! I'm excited to work on some more doggie bows, I really needed an outlet for the girly stuff!

Originally Posted by Diane Crafts View Post
AWWWW she is soooo precious and a great model too. I love Papillions (well I love any dog). My friend Chris has a Papillion who is 4 also...a black and white one...she thinks she is my dog LOL. They are quite "bossy" little dogs. She lives in a house with 7 Shelties (Chris used to breed Shelties) 8 when I bring mine over there every day and she bosses them all. She gets ALL the toys (takes them all to her bed or corner and defies anyone else to take even one), demands all the attention and gets highly upset if anyone doesn't do what she wants...and that includes the people. I love her but she is really spoiled LOL.
Thank you! They are very bossy little things! I had to hunt far & wide to find a red & white one, and she came with a redheaded temper! I can just imagine what'd be like to have a Papillon in a house of Shelties, oy! Your baby is very cute, btw. I always think so when I see your profie pic around here! I love Shelties, they're so darn cute.
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