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Default Update on me

thanks everyone for being understanding and have gone beyond what I could ever expect or thank you for!!! It means a lot to me and thanks for believing in my honesty.

First, my diagnosis is Fibromyalgia, so I am in a LOT of pain. The issue is the meds that they usually use might interfer with the meds I currently take AND the only dr in our group that is a rhuematologist is NOT accepting any new Fibro Patients (so much for GREAT healthcare) so we are sorta at a loss

Things I am learning:

a migraine and chronic pain is not good for the following
  1. looking at a computer screen
  2. Remembering things (I never had to write things down even 6 months ago and now I cant remember where I am going when I get a few blocks from the house)
  3. the smell of the candles gets to me faster
  4. doing anything for a prolonged period of time
  5. keeping up with the household chores
  6. just being the real me in general
So, my new normal (as we call it around here) is still getting learned and I am finding I am overly frustrated and cant get a handle on things. Please know, I am deliberatly forgetting or not sending things, I am anything but a crook but I am having a hard time prioritizing.

The best way to get ahold of me is to email me at threeblessingsbowtique AT gmail DOT com

Thanks for being so great for me and I will either have Sarah keep you updated on days I cant get on or I will do it myself, thanks for understanding

if you have already purchased my lifetime tutorial, please contact me at foisset5 AT msn DOT com thanks
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