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Default Re: Raggie bow troubles

I think they look nice!!

Originally Posted by BCBeca View Post
Okay, this is my first time to post pics, so please excuse if they do not turn out well....and, I am a TERRIBLE photographer on the best of days.

Anyway, I bought the tut, and LOVE these bows, but I have to admit....ya'll are scaring me!! I have not taken any of these to shows, and now I am nervous that they will not sell. I have given them as gifts, and they seem to be adored by everyone at the birthday parties, but I am usually pretty shy about telling people I made them (bad for a business woman, I know....LOL!!). They get lots of oooh and aahhhhs though. I do wish I had a picture of them in a little girl's hair....they are big, but really pretty!! But, now I am really nervous....I have a bunch of these....they better sell!!!

I did just like the tut said, except I add more "junk" in them....I like them better that way. I use hot glue, and mine seemed to work perfectly. If I can help anyone, please let me know (not that I am an expert...LOL!!).
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